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The website with all the information about the acrocallosal syndrome.

This website containes information about the acrocallosal syndrome (ACS). Acrocallosal is a multiple retardation syndrome, characterized by the absence of the corpus callosum. The more extensive clinical spectrum is described in this website.

It is build by parents having a daughter (born in december 2008) diagnosed with acrocallosal.

Because of the limited information available on the internet, we tried to provide a website which could be used as a reference for this syndrome.

It containes general information and a collection of articles related to acrocallosal and its most common symptoms. Please be informed by the disclaimer mentioned in the column on the right of this homepage.

If you recognise any of the content of this website or would like to receive more information, subscribe and feel free to use the forum to ask questions or share experiences!

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